Astell autoclave price quotation

Astell autoclave price quotation

Answer these four questions when submitting a pricing request.

Astell Scientific has a wide product range that includes many types of autoclave. From Benchtop to SQUARE MAX, our catalogue contains over 40 different versions, each with options and potential variations depending on size, load type and cycle output.

With enquiries coming in from all over the world it’s important for us to understand the needs of every customer to ensure we offer the best advice. In specifying a machine and requesting a quotation it is common for some key information to be missed. Answering the following basic questions, even if you've already selected an Astell autoclave model number, will assist us in the delivery of your sterilizer quotation.

  1. What size of autoclave do you need?
  2. What items are you sterilizing within the autoclave?
  3. Does the load need to be dry at the end of the sterilization cycle?
  4. How many cycles do you wish to run per day?

There are potentially many other more detailed questions which may apply depending on individual requirements, options and fitting. However, as a general rule these four questions are the fundamental basics that, unanswered, prevent us from providing a price for your requested Astell sterilizer. By having this information available at point of enquiry it will expedite the quotation and reduce the correspondence required to deliver it.

To submit a quotation request, browse the Products pages or Contact us by phone, fax or email, and include your answers to all four questions.

For help to narrow your autoclave search, why not try our Product Finder tool.