Astell enhances energy efficient SQUARE ECO autoclaves

Astell enhances energy efficient SQUARE ECO autoclaves

Improved water consumption and cycle times across the range with Autofill and Autodrain now standard.

In a move that further improves the ‘eco’ credentials of its economy square section autoclave range, Astell now includes Autofill and Autodrain as standard fitment to all new-build SQUARE ECO units.

The SQUARE ECO is a cost efficient square section autoclave available in four capacities from 125 litres up to 360 litres. Low in power consumption, utilising 16kW heaters in chamber, and with all the functionality of Astell's circular section autoclaves, the SQUARE ECO range provides an increased utilisable capacity due to a square chamber design, and easy loading with access via a manual sliding door.

The ‘Autofill’ feature maintains an adequate water level within the chamber and ensures only the necessary amount of water is used during any given sterilization cycle, avoiding over filling to the detriment of both water and power consumption. ‘Autodrain’ substantially decreases the time required to cool the chamber to a temperature where the door can be safely opened. At a pre-selected pressure during the cooling phase of the cycle, any remaining water in the chamber is evacuated to the drain, speeding up running time and potentially benefitting the number of cycles that can run per day.

In summary, the SQUARE ECO range contains all the features you would expect from an Astell autoclave, including colour touchscreen, multiple programs for sterilizing and delayed start/media holdwarm features, but in a cost-effective and practical cabinet design. For more information please visit the SQUARE ECO product page or Contact us for a quotation.