Every laboratory needs a Nelldorn Glassware Dryer!

Every laboratory needs a Nelldorn Glassware Dryer!

Accelerate your receptacle cleaning with our economical and efficient benchtop dryer.

A valuable addition to any laboratory, Astell’s Nelldorn Glassware Dryer is an economical and efficient way to dry and store most containers, glassware and plasticware following washing and/or sterilization in an autoclave.

Unless your autoclave features a vacuum facility and heated jacket it is likely the load contents will be wet or contain moisture upon removal. The Nelldorn Glassware Dryer is designed for drying commonly used laboratory items such as volumetric flasks, measuring cylinders, bottles and test tubes by blowing heated air through a series of tubes upon which items are placed.

Compact, wall mountable or free-standing and requiring only a simple 220/240V power source, the Nelldorn dryer boasts very low power consumption, so is considered more economical to run than a traditional oven dryer. Heating is thermostatically controlled and each unit is capable of holding up to 60 items at one time, with 15-20 minute drying times.

The hot air dryer features a number of different drying tube lengths to cater for various sizes and shapes of glass and plasticware, and a variable 120 minute timer gives the operator full control over the drying process.

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