Is your effluent safe?

Is your effluent safe?

How effective is your effluent decontamination system?

If you work with biologically active agents in a CL2 (BSL-2) or higher environment you need to ensure that any effluent is decontaminated and compliant with the latest legislation prior to discharge. Effluent decontamination systems (EDS) are designed to treat effluents to ensure that any viable organisms are rendered safe.

Demonstrate to a wider community how safe you are…
Even if decontamination is not required by legislation or codes of practice it may be required as the result of internal risk assessment, and many ethical organisations install one simply to demonstrate to their neighbours that their operations are safe, and to promote community support.

Chemicals or heat?
Chemical decontamination is effective but many disinfectants are toxic and require careful control to prevent overdosing and environmental damage. AstellBio’s EDS use heat sterilisation to kill all forms of life including viruses, bacteria, fungi and spore forms. Heat decontamination is completely chemical free, environmentally safe and easy to monitor and validate. AstellBio EDS are suitable for a broad range of clinical, diagnostic, research and production facilities.

Learn more about different approaches to effluent decontamination in the AstellBio white paper Biocontainment facilities: Down the drain