Freire Shipyard

Freire Shipyard

A self-contained autoclave goes to sea on board Freire shipyard’s research vessel for Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research.

For the last half century, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) has been investigating environmental issues concerned with water including fishing, marine biology and physical and chemical oceanography as well as meteorological studies.

Insight into Research Vessel

Their latest research tool is the 55m oceanographic research vessel Al Mostakshif, (Explorer). The vessel was constructed in Spain’s Freire shipyard and is an innovative multidisciplinary ship designed for research operations in Arabian Gulf, Arabian Sea and Red Sea. It is equipped with remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) and Seabed Towed packages fitted with conductivity, temperature, and depth (CTD) instruments to carry out bottom survey and general oceanographic research. With a crew of fifteen and thirteen scientists, Al Mostakshif’s twin 1800kW engines can achieve a cruising speed of 14 knots but can also maintain continuous underway survey or towing operations at speeds as low as 1.5 knots. The scientific research team work in laboratories located on the main deck, upper deck and officer deck.

Laboratories Afloat

Critical to the activities of the research laboratories is an Astell AMB230 Ecofill autoclave. This is used for sterilising glassware, media and instruments. The 43 litre front loading, benchtop autoclave is fitted with fan cooling and Ethernet Port options. The ‘Ecofill’ version was selected to minimise fresh water use at sea. It has an integral reservoir and an in-built 'autofill' water re-circulation system. Once the reservoir is filled, this provides water for up to 15 cycles, and also acts as a collection vessel for condensate and the water that is automatically returned from the chamber at the end of each cycle.

With special thanks to Freire shipyard for their collaboration in this article.
Construcciones Navales P. Freire (Freire shipyard) is a family owned company established in 1895 by Mr. Paulino Freire. Today, Freire shipyard builds and repairs highly complex offshore, oceanographic and fishing vessels as well as luxurious yachts, tall ships, patrol vessels and tugs for the most demanding owners around the world.

The Astell Ecofill front loading benchtop autoclave supplied is a 43 litre model.
It features:

  • Self-contained design with no installation required
  • No mains water supply or drain necessary
  • Fully programmable 5.7" Colour Touch Screen controller
  • Five pre-programmed cycles and up to 50 available
  • Five password levels to stop lower level users making changes
  • USB interface for downloading controller data
  • Temperature range of 100°C to 138°C (0.2 - 2.4 Bar)
  • Timed/Pulsed Free Steaming
  • Holdwarm / Delayed Start feature
  • 316 stainless steel electropolished chamber
  • Fast action door closure mechanism
  • Validation Port
  • Pressure Gauge

Options available

  • Load Sensed Process Timing
  • Ethernet interface
  • Fan cooling
  • IQ/OQ documentation
  • CAT III (BSL3) compliance

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