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Medical autoclaves

Astell Scientific manufacture a large range of vacuum autoclaves which are ideal for sterilizing wrapped instruments typically used in operating theatres, as well as offering a range of smaller autoclaves which can be used for sterilizing unwrapped surgical instruments. Astell also has the right expertise should you need to sterilize medical waste, tissue samples or provide CSSD facilities.

Laboratory autoclaves

Astell Scientific is the leading manufacturer of autoclaves for the sterilization of laboratory apparatus, media and discard. Astell offer a choice of large chamber autoclaves suitable for sterilizing cultures and lab equipment in high quantities, as well as a range of smaller autoclaves which can be used for small and regular loads of items that require periodic sterilization. Astell also manufactures a range of aqueous liquid Effluent Decontamination Systems (EDS) to service any BSL3 facility. EDS are particularly suited for high containment facilities or high risk laboratories.

Pharmaceutical autoclaves

Whether you are looking to sterilize packaged materials such as medicines and drugs or other research materials and instruments, Astell Scientific offer a large range of autoclaves suitable for use in pharmaceutical research and production. Our comprehensive range of sizes, options and accessories ensures you can tailor a sterilizer to meet your exact requirements.

Other industries

Whatever your industry and steam sterilization requirements Astell Scientific have the knowledge and experience to help you. We supply a comprehensive range of autoclaves suitable for sterilizing instruments, materials, liquids and media to industries such as Veterinary Practices, Biotechnology and Science Research Facilities. Astell also specializes in bespoke project design and manufacturing for custom Effluent Decontamination Systems.

What's your load type?

Load contents and speed of sterilization time can influence the type and specification of recommended autoclave. Select from these load types to learn more and explore the differences.

Liquids Waste Glassware Porous Hazardous


There are many shapes and sizes of autoclave in our range. However, if you need a particular chamber size, have a challenging item to sterilize or have an odd space in your laboratory to fill, we offer the ability to design and build something to your exact specification.

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