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Vets Now

Compact autoclave with vacuum facilities rapidly cools the chamber leaving surgical instruments touch dry for Vets Now.

Astell’s Northern Sales Manager, Jonathan Pass, recently visited the Vets Now Emergency and Specialty Hospital in Glasgow to find out how an Astell autoclave is being used to ensure the highest level of veterinary surgical care.

Small animals requiring specialist veterinary attention

Vets Now is best known for providing out-of hours and holiday emergency cover for its membership of small animal veterinary practices. They operate from 54 clinics and emergency hospitals across the UK and provide services to more small animal practices than anyone else in the UK. But the company also has two world class Emergency & Specialty facilities, one in Glasgow and one in Swindon, with a third opening in Manchester in November 2016.  

Vets Now Glasgow, is a daytime referral service for all pets that require specialist veterinary attention outside the remit of primary veterinary care. Any veterinary practice can refer to the Hospital with a sick patient and do not need to be member of the out-of-hours service.

You’re in safe hands when you need an emergency vet 

Vets Now Emergency and Specialty Hospital is 24/7 and, as well as emergency and critical care, the specialists, referral clinicians and nursing staff  provide a range of procedures including internal medicine, oncology, orthopaedics and soft tissue surgery. Glasgow’s Senior Theatre Nurse, Louise Grieve, explains how the Centre operates: “We carry out a range of planned surgical procedures but, because we are a referral centre, we often have emergencies coming in which have to take priority. We have two operating theatres and, with both working, we can be carrying out multiple surgical procedures in a day. That means an almost constant demand for sterile surgical instruments, and that’s why we need a highly reliable autoclave with a short cycle time.” There was a further constraint: restricted space meant that the autoclave had to be small but easily accessible and with as large a capacity as possible. 

How the autoclave performs 

Astell’s proposal to meet Vets Now’s requirements was for a compact 125 litre capacity Square Section jacketed autoclave with vacuum facilities. The footprint is only 780 x 1200mm and the upward sliding door provides clear access to the chamber without occupying any floor space. The vacuum facility was included because it is the most effective means of removing air pockets, which could interfere with sterilization. It also rapidly cools the chamber, speeding up the cycle time, and removes water leaving the surgical instruments touch dry. 

The Astell Square Section autoclave supplied is a 125 litre autofill model  

It features:

  • A fully programmable Touch Screen Controller
  • Small footprint
  • Manual upward sliding door
  • An advanced ‘pulsar’ vacuum system, ensuring effective air removal and efficient drying of surgical instruments
  • Data archiving for up to 5,000 cycles
  • Integral Steam Generator – no need for an additional onsite supply
  • 6 pre-programmed cycles, with the ability to add multiple additional cycles
  • Password levels to stop unauthorised users making changes
  • Water conservation system 
Vets Now
Vets Now
Vets Now
Vets Now
Vets Now
Vets Now

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