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The table below shows you what cooling options are compatible with the size and type of autoclave you require. For more information on the specific option itself, please see the required tab below this table.

Fan Cooling (External)
Water Cooling (Coils)

Water Cooling (Jacket)

Cyclon Cooling

Fan Cooling (Internal)


A powerful, externally mounted fan helps to reduce the cooling down stage of a cycle. Like all Astell’s cooling options, the operation of external fan system is controlled via the colour touch screen controller. This option is available on all models (except for those fitted with a cooled or heated jacket).


A magnetically driven internal fan is situated in the chamber itself, which creates turbulence. The fan needs to be fitted in conjunction with Water Cooling (Jacket) in order to be effective, and these combined options provide one of the most efficient ways of cooling the chamber and load. The dual system is therefore ideal in situations where large fluid loads need to be processed as quickly as possible. Internal Fan Cooling, when used in conjunction with Water Coolng (Jacket), Air Ballast and Load Sensed Timing makes cooling times up to 70% faster than a standard autoclave fitted with no cooling system.


Water is circulated through cooling coils in direct contact with the outside of the autoclave chamber, resulting in a substantial reduction of cooling time.


This option quickly and effectively cools bottled media and other fluid loads. After sterilization water is circulated in direct contact with the outside of the autoclave chamber, resulting in the rapid decrease of the internal chamber temperature. The effectiveness of Jacket Water Cooling can be further enhanced if the autoclave is fitted with Internal Fan Cooling (see tab for details).


For use in Heaters in Chamber autoclaves only. This feature can be selected on any cycle and will substantially decrease the time required to cool the chamber to a temperature where the door can be safely opened, especially when used in conjunction with the Water Cooling (Coils) or External Fan Cooling. At a pre-selected pressure during the cooling phase of the cycle, any remaining water in the chamber is evacuated to the drain.


Cyclon Cooling provides major benefits in laboratories where large quantities of culture media need to be processed quickly as it provides a significant reduction in cycle time. This option in itself is available free of charge, however as a prerequisite, Water Cooling (Jacket) and Air Ballast options are both required.

This method of cooling is ideal for use in situations where large loads of bottled fluids (e.g. culture media) need to be sterilized quickly.

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