Nelldorn Glassware Dryer

Model: DCU012

Nelldorn Glassware Dryer

The Nelldorn glassware dryer is an economical and efficient way of drying most containers, glassware and plasticware used in a laboratory environment. By creating a warm air flow moisture evaporation is accelerated, meaning washed or sterilised items are dried and ready to use in less time than natural air drying.

The Nelldorn dryer is the perfect accompaniment to an autoclave as it provides storage for jars, beakers and flasks on its selection of differently sized drying tubes.

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A large volume of air is drawn over the thermostatically controlled heating elements and forced through each drying tube. This rapid flow of warm air dries glass or plastic quickly without harm. The process uses a minimum of electricity (typically less than 2 units) and is therefore considerably cheaper than oven type dryers. They have a space saving stepped design which allows for easy removal of any item and an economic operation fitted with 60 stain resistant nylon drying tubes.

Tubes are rigid enough to hold position yet resilient to avoid damage to items being dried. The unit has an adjustable timer which will automatically switch off the dryer after the pre-set time from 0-120 minutes. Rocker switches control two independent 1kw cut-outs. The tangential fan blower unit is designed to give quiet, trouble free running.

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  • Capacity of 60 items
  • Cost efficient
  • Dries in 15 to 20 minutes
  • Thermostatic control
  • Variable 120 minute timer
  • Wall mounting or bench standing

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