Astell satisfies its Service customers

Astell satisfies its Service customers

We are delighted to announce some outstanding customer satisfaction results arising from our annual Quality Management Review, where Astell UKAS Customer Satisfaction for 2016 totalled 95%.

Astell’s Quality Management Review includes surveying customers who have experienced maintenance service and support for their autoclave during the previous twelve months, and we are pleased to announce a combined average score of 95% satisfaction across five categories for 2016.

Customers of Astell’s autoclave Service business were asked a series of questions to determine whether their objectives had been met. Approaching 50% of customers gave a maximum score across all categories, which is double the previous years’ result.

Other notable highlights include the ‘Calibration/Validation Requirements’ category, awarded a total of 99.5% customer satisfaction, and ‘Helpfulness of Engineer’ scored a total of 98.5%.

In conclusion the report found that there has been a notable increase in customer satisfaction in four of the five categories compared to the previous year, demonstrating how Astell is committed to looking after autoclave owners, and absolute reassurance that should you require after-sales care we have high standards and a proven track record.

For more information on Astell’s Technical Assistance and autoclave Service Contracts please visit the Support page.