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Astell Retrospective - Tom Ashton and Reg Cuttell

Some history on the two men responsible for the Astell name, courtesy of the Institute of Science & Technology.

14 December 2017
Over pressure stainless steel autoclaves

Astell supplies custom-built 247 litre circular chamber autoclave to be used in contact lens manufacturing.

06 December 2017
Sterilizers compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 standard

Astell introduces autoclave controller software that meets the guidelines of FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

18 October 2017
Astell Retrospective – 1989 Swiftlock autoclave advert

History repeats itself in this humorous sterilizer advert from the late nineteen eighties.

25 September 2017
Advice on loading an autoclave

Our Popular Topic article explores the dangers in overloading your sterilizer chamber.

19 September 2017
Tips for cleaning and maintaining your sterilizer

Some expert guidance on how to keep your autoclave in top running order.

07 August 2017
Eco-friendly Benchtop autoclaves

Astell has been leading the way in energy efficient small capacity sterilizers for over a decade.

20 June 2017
Key questions to ask when buying a new autoclave - Power and installation requirements

Part five is the final part in a series of articles looking at considerations and options when choosing an autoclave.

14 June 2017
A lower autoclave power requirement doesn't mean lower power consumption!

Read our Popular Topic on autoclave electrical power requirements.

12 June 2017