125 Litre Square Eco Autoclave

125 Litre Square Eco Autoclave fitted with Load Sensed Process timing, Fan Cooling, and Printer

Condition: Ex Demo

Lead time: 4 Weeks (approximately)

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The SQUARE ECO Range is the entry level of Square chambered autoclaves offered by Astell. The range is ideal where you are looking to sterilize basic items and is suitable for most labs sterilizing items like glassware, plastics and media etc.

The SQUARE ECO range is capable of sterilizing a limited number of items and is ideal where you have a specific application in mind that the unit is suitable for.

The Square Eco Autoclave range features:

  • A fully programmable Touch Screen Colour Controller
  • Over temperature protection
  • An external pressure gauge, cooling lock and safety valve test
  • Validation port

PLEASE NOTE: This is a used unit available from stock. Therefore some usual product options may not be available.

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Model: ANS125E (125 litres)