Circular MNS vs Square Eco Autoclaves

Circular MNS vs Square Eco Autoclaves

Circular MNS vs Square Eco Autoclaves

We compare both ranges to help you choose the best sterilizer for your requirements.

Astell Scientific manufactures autoclaves in capacities from 33 up to 2,000 litres. Typically, small units use a circular section chamber design and large units a square. In the middle of that size range it is possible to choose a model with either shape. But which is best? Below we highlight the standout features to help you identify their differences.

Sliding door circular autoclave range

Chamber sizes: 120 | 153 | 247 | 290 | 344 litres

  • Round chamber
  • Five standard chamber sizes
  • Steam source: Electric heaters, or integral steam generator (optional)
  • Automatic door available
  • Choose Advanced Options – advanced vacuum, chamber jacket, cooling etc.
  • Media holdwarm facility on models with in-chamber heaters

Perfect for: Complex discard, wrapped instruments and hazardous waste (with appropriate options).

Example customer:  Regional Veterinary Hospital – regular demand for sterile surgical instruments, requiring reduced cycle times, plus the ability to handle porous bedding loads (with selected product options).

Square Eco autoclave range

Chamber sizes: 125 | 216 | 250 | 360 litres

  • Square chamber
  • Four standard chamber sizes
  • Steam source: Electric heaters
  • Autofill and Autodrain as standard
  • Assisted air cooling as standard
  • Greater usable chamber space

Perfect for: Liquids, glassware, dry discard, large and bulky non-porous apparatus.

Example customer: Manufacturing Quality Control laboratory – runs daily cycles to sterilise glass beakers, stirrers and flasks used during testing, and a separate fluid load which is not time critical.

Benefits across both ranges
  • Integral sliding door simplifies loading access
  • Cabinet design and sliding door minimises footprint
  • Colour touchscreen controller provides efficient and secure cycle management
  • 316L stainless steel chamber is electropolished for improved cleaning and uniformity
  • All autoclaves are compliant with latest industry standards including, PED 2014/68/EU, BS EN 13060:2014 and ISO 9001:2015

As always, selecting a sterilizer should be determined firstly by the load type(s) and secondly by the frequency of processing and/or the available space for the unit. There is overlap in what loads each of these two ranges can sterilize, and in some cases optional extras may be necessary.

Astell is well positioned to recommend a suitable autoclave with its extensive experience and manufacturing expertise in both circular and square section designs. Reference the case studies and customer testimonials for further validation.

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