Key questions when buying a new autoclave - Circular or square chamber?

Key questions when buying a new autoclave - Circular or square chamber?

Part three of five in a series looking at the considerations and options when choosing an autoclave.

Do I need a circular or square shaped pressure vessel / autoclave chamber?

In part three of our series we cover autoclave chamber types and the benefits of each, having previously covered the important questions of What are you sterilizing and What size of autoclave do I need? in previous posts.

The chamber of an autoclave is the central pressure vessel that holds the items being sterilized. There are two main chamber types, circular and square section. This refers to their shape.
Astell manufactures circular chamber autoclaves up to a capacity of 344 litres: Whilst these vessels are less costly to produce, they have less internal ‘useable’ space than equivalent square chambered models.

The practicalities of large loads and laboratory process requirements can dictate a larger capacity autoclave is required. In this case a square section pressure vessel comes into its own. Astell manufactures square chambered units in sizes ranging from 125 litres right up to 2000 litres.
Square section models can be offered in numerous configurations to further enhance access and usability. For example, depending on chamber size, Astell can offer units with manual or automatic vertical opening door mechanisms, and sideways opening doors for larger models. Further, it’s possible to have a double door option (pass through) for laboratories with separate environments or clean areas.

Astell prides itself on being able to meet customer needs and it is therefore common for us to produce customised autoclaves with special requirements. These may include fabricated loading systems, pipework, fittings and installation tailored to the client.

One final important point is to always consider access and fitting before placing an order – will the autoclave fit in your laboratory and is space available to move it to your ideal position upon delivery. This topic will be covered in more detail in a later article.

More information on circular and square section autoclaves can be found on our Product pages, alternatively please Contact us to discuss any questions. After more than 130 years of being the UK’s leading autoclave manufacturer, we have the experience to help you!