New sliding front autoclave orders confirmed

New sliding front autoclave orders confirmed

Two 153 litre units are destined for a new laboratory facility in Oxfordshire.

Astell Scientific is pleased with the initial interest in its recently announced Sliding Door Circular Chamber Autoclave range. The mid-sized horizontal chamber units are proving a popular addition, with multiple enquiries and the first orders already confirmed for manufacture.

Two identical 153 litre circular chamber sliding door units are scheduled to go to a new bio-incubator facility in Oxfordshire, England. Each autoclave will be fitted with a selection of options to reduce cycle times across a multitude of load types, from unwrapped instruments and glassware to fluid loads and discard. For example;

  • Air ballast and integrated air compressor, which allows controlled reduction of the chamber pressure during the cooling phase of fluid cycles. Effectively this prevents the ‘boiling over’ that is frequently associated with rapid cooling systems.
  • Assisted Air Cooling, where fitment of a powerful external fan helps reduce cool down times.
  • Autofill, Autodrain and drain cooling, which automatically maintains adequate water level within the chamber at all times, and allows the early purging of water at the end of the cycle, substantially decreasing the time required to cool the chamber to a temperature where the door can be safely opened.

The circular section sliding door sterilizer range offers all the features of Astell’s popular front-loading ‘Swiftlock’ machines but without using a hinged door. This typically offers improved loading access and makes the range ideal in situations where space is at a premium. For more information download the brochure or Contact us.