USB data port now standard on all SQUARE range autoclaves

USB data port now standard on all SQUARE range autoclaves

Astell include a USB data port as standard on all sizes of SQUARE and SQUARE MAX autoclaves.

Astell Scientific announce the addition of a USB interface as standard fitment to all square section autoclaves that make up its SQUARE and SQUARE MAX ranges.
This improvement in product specification is an upgrade for all new machines ordered from April, and means customers will receive an advanced digital controller with touchscreen operation AND the ability to download, backup and store operation cycle data via a cable or portable memory drive.

The addition of a USB port to square section autoclaves follows a similar upgrade to all circular section machines a couple of months ago. The benefit of a USB data port is easy to quantify - greater security of data, and benefits to audit trail and procedural stability which are of key importance to modern Process and Research Laboratories.

The USB port allows users to backup and restore the following:

  • Configuration data - stores all the machine settings and parameters
  • Customer cycles - standard and custom cycle information. i.e. media, instruments etc.
  • Cycle types - cycle structures which contain the stages of each sterilization cycle
  • Log - data identical to a paper printout
  • It is also possible to upgrade the controller software version through USB

The Astell touchscreen controller features a data archive for up to 5,000 sterilization cycles and includes the ability to log such parameters as sterilization cycle time, batch number and load numbers. Astell Scientific fit colour touchscreen controllers as standard to all its autoclaves, steam generators and Effluent Decontamination Systems.

For more product information visit the SQUARE and SQUARE MAX pages, or see the Touchscreen Controller page to learn more about its benefits. Alternatively please Contact us to ask a question or receive a quotation.