The ‘Duaclave’ range of dual chamber autoclaves

The ‘Duaclave’ range of dual chamber autoclaves

Twin chamber autoclaves that maximise sterilization capacity in a minimal footprint.

Astell has been offering a dual chamber autoclave range for a number of years, but having recently updated the look and finish of all its circular section autoclaves it worth revisiting the benefits of the ‘Duaclave’ range.

A ‘Duaclave’ is effectively two autoclaves stacked one on top of the other but built in to one frame to provide a secure and stable unit with twice the capacity of the equivalent Benchtop or Swiftlock autoclave. The twin chambers operate independently, each with its own touchscreen controller. Should certain options be required, these should be doubled.


The ‘Duaclave’ range is based on Astell’s standard range of front-loading circular section autoclaves, and are available in (combined) chamber volumes of 66 litres up to a maximum of 306 litres. Dual chamber sterilizers are only available with heaters in chamber as a steam source.

Twin chamber autoclaves are ideal for situations where the user may require staggered sterilization cycles or physically have a limited space which traditionally may only site one unit. By encasing two autoclaves in one, it becomes possible to run different sterilization cycles simultaneously – saving both time and money. For example, run a glassware cycle in one chamber whilst preparing media in the other.

‘Duaclave’ stackable autoclaves are perfect for laboratories and institutions operating in the agricultural, pharmaceutical, industrial, life sciences, education, food and drinks industries.

More information on the range can be found here, alternatively Contact us for further assistance.